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Your One-Stop Auto Repair Shop




Hubachs Service is a family owned and operated. We have been serving the Grand Rapids area for more than 45 years. Hubachs Service has maintained a reputation for fair business practices. 


Bring your cars to us for the best possible care


Your mechanic should know your vehicle as well as your medical doctor knows your body. You’ll get informed service at Hubachs Service from people who care about you and your car. Let us take responsibility for keeping you safe and your car in good working condition. 


 What's New?

Hubachs Service is pleased to offer the latest in air conditioning. In addition to 134a, Hubachs now has the equipment and training needed to service the latest vehicles with 1234yf refrigerant. 

Most vehicles since 2018  with a/c systems will have this new refrigerant installed, although it has proven to be a costly system to repair versus the previous R134 systems.

Hubachs strives to stay on top of the training and technology.  If your vehicle's air conditioning system is not performing well, give us a call to schedule an appointment to have it checked out.



Engine services

Engine & Exhaust

Too often, people put off engine or transmission inspection or repairs, because they’re afraid of the cost.

Oil Change services

Oil Change

You don’t have a moment to waste, but it’s easier than you think to work in a regular lube job if you plan ahead. 

car electric service

Electrical Systems

Hubachs Service uses the latest, state-of-the-art computer diagnostics systems to pinpoint problems and prescribe vehicle repairs.

Brakes services

Brake System

Don't wait until your brakes get worse before you have them checked.

Steering services

Steering & Suspension

Our talented associates are trained and knowledgeable about suspensions, shocks, and struts.

AC services

Air Conditioning

Bring your car to Hubachs Service and have our trained mechanics diagnose your heating and cooling problems. 


"This is the only Mechanic I use when I need work done. He has always given me decent prices and done a great job on my vehicle. The owner is straightforward with me and explains what needs to be done and the cost before doing the work. I don't use anyone else when I need work done."

— Chuck D

"They were extremely knowledgeable about my vehicle and its common problems. They were fair with their prices and the quality of their work. Overall, they do an excellent job focusing on what they do; work on vehicles."

Anthony Blando

"I have several trucks I make a living with, and Hubach's services them all. They offer very competent service and don't try to sell me a bunch of stuff I don't need when I bring my vehicles in. Their communication is great - they follow up when they say they will and shoot me straight with any issues the vehicles have. They get work done when they say it will be done and for how much they quoted. What more do you want?"

Mark Sydney

Thus far Hubachs has been honest & does not
push what is not needed, and work done has been good.

— Rod & Ginny Kroeckel

"As an old car mechanic, I do not trust everyone to repair my car.

At Hubachs they do care for their customers. You can rely on them. I have been going here about 12 years now and never had a problem with them. They go the extra mile. I would refer this company to anyone, as I do my friends."


Efficient and timely. They did a good job and were reasonably priced. I am planning to return if my car needs repairs again.

Kate Huver

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